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Three must have computer supplies for a busy office


Next time you place an order for business office supplies, you may want to consider a few computer supplies. Although employees may be able to do their job without such items, you can boost morale and productivity by providing quality accessories to increase comfort and functionality. Here are three must-have computer supplies for your staff.

Gel Mouse Pads and Wrist Supports

Companies give away cheap freebie mouse pads all the time, so why would you splurge on something a bit more extravagant? Employees who use a mouse or type for several hours a day are at greater risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even without the risk of injury, improper support can lead to fatigue in the hands and arms. Providing proper mousepads can increase productivity throughout the day. Additionally, an extra measure by employers to provide comfortable accessories increases employee morale and loyalty.

Screen Filters and Privacy Screens

Screen filters do reduce glare, making continuous computer work easier on the eyes. Additionally, privacy screens help keep nosy eyes from private documents. These office equipment supplies create a screen that can only be seen when standing or sitting directly in front of the monitor. Protecting private or sensitive information reduces gossip and secures company information.

Cable Management Accessories

When it comes to safety, business office supplies are important. If you have a series of computers in the same room or area, you may have all the cords bundled haphazardly with twist ties. Improper cable management can lead to worker injury and fire. Cable management accessories are an inexpensive way to safeguard your entire business. 

Computer supplies can be an inexpensive way to provide increased productivity, security and safety throughout your office. Visit for all your office requirements, or contact us today for more info.


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