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The importance of keeping an inventory of stationery and office supplies


Strategic planning in today's workplace is often directed toward efficiencies in software and process management. Management overlooks the importance of a well-stocked supply cabinet. However, stationary and office supplies are essential to the operation of any office. It may be popular to say the information age has done away with paper, but business office supplies like paper, pens and staplers are still necessary.

Imagine for a moment there is no copy paper found in the office. Invoices cannot be copied for processing, training manuals and handouts are a no go, and a quick stop at the copy machine to duplicate an important contract will turn into an urgent search on the computer to print the original file. Without copy paper, efficiency is lost in a busy office.

Other stationery and office supplies provide the same function for employees. Although not every department or team in a company needs a fully stocked business office supplies cabinet, management should keep some key products on hand. Common stationary and office supplies used on a daily basis include note pads, paper, staples, tape, sticky notes, pens, pencils and paper clips. 

When lack of supplies and resources hamper the ability to get a job done, employees become frustrated. Not only does the lack of appropriate stationery and office supplies decrease efficiency, it can also lead to poor staff morale. If there are not enough pens to go around, staff may believe the company cannot afford to stock supplies. A company that cannot afford pens and paper certainly cannot afford to pay employees, so keeping a well-stocked supply increases staff confidence in their employer.

Fulfill your stationery and office supplies requirements in one location, visit or contact us today for more information. With a large variety of office products available online and with free delivery nationwide on orders over €75 + VAT, there are no excuses as to you why you shouldn’t have a fully stocked inventory of business office supplies.


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